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Welcome to Electric Wheelchairs - www.electric-wheelchairs.com. We're your online source for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and many other dailys aids. You'll find only the highest-quality wheelchair and lift products featured on this site!
Best selection of carrying capacities! Find standard weight, light weight, heavy duty, reclining back, ultralight, and transporter models. All manual wheelchairs fold neatly into a standard vehicle trunk.
Get your motor running! Featuring rugged motorized wheelchairs for both indoor and outdoor use. Choose from transportable, power base, and heavy duty models.
Compact and stylish designs! Select a three-wheel scooter for easy maneuverability, or a four-wheel scooter for a wider wheelbase and extra stability. Portable scooters fit into the trunk of any compact car and can be easily checked at airports.
In affiliation with 1800WheelChair.com, you can find the right wheelchair for any lifesytle. Why look anywhere else on the Internet? We stock all the latest models of manual wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, and scooters. In addition, we feature much-needed wheelchair accessories and other daily aids that can vastly improve quality of life. And, best of all, there's free shipping for all wheelchairs and any order over $100! So stop looking and start browsing Electric Wheelchairs - www.electric-wheelchairs.com.